A spy in the House of Love. Anaïs Nin



A spy in the House of Love

Anaïs Nin

Anaïs Nin is well known both in the United States and in Europe for her vivacious descriptions
of modern love; her work has succeeded in appealing equally to the avant-garde and to a more
general audience. A Spy in the House of Love is the most celebrated novel she has written on
this theme, a brilliant analysis of a woman whose affairs with four men express the duplicity
and the fragmentation of self involved in the search for love.

‘Rarely does literature reflect the emancipation of women. Simone de Beauvoir and Mary McCarthy have dealt with the issue – Anaïs Nin eclipses both of them’ – Los Angeles Times

‘Her sense of woman is unique… her reputation grows… she excites male readers and
incites female readers. She is readable, and she comes against life with a vital artistry
and boldness’ – New York Times Book Review

ISBN 0140036008
uit 1978
124 pagina’s
Afmetingen: 11 x 18 x 0.7 cm
Uitgever: Penguin books

Boek heeft gebruikersschade, kaft heeft wat schade, achterop zit schade welke doorloopt door een aantal pagina’s, pagina’s zijn wat vergeeld, naam 1e pagina, zie ook foto’s

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